Something In the Coffee


Characters; Mike Chilton, Julie Kane, Dutch Gordy, Chuck, Texas

Rating; T for Mike being an adorable idiot.

Warnings; Superfluff

Word Count; 1,288 words

Did someone say coffee shop AU.

Also, quick note; Iu told me that Mike is Ex-Military service. I don’t think I had a choice in the matter. :I I’d say he still holds his old regiment dear, though I’m not 100% sure why he’s not there anymore etc etc. Maybe something sad like the photo is the only one of them all together and half of them didn’t make it or smth idk I’m not gonna go into that because WOW sads everywhere.

I’ll just shut up and let you guys enjoy the coffee. (Iu I’m expecting art now.)


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Double Dog Dare (Motorcity fic, NSFW)


My bro whitachi, because she is a true homeboy, offered to be my sponsor and help keep me off the streets — and by ‘streets’ I of course mean ‘kink meme’ — by just asking me to write Motorcity porno for HER. So I did so! And here is a thing I wrote for her!

Title: Double Dog Dare
Fandom: Motorcity
Characters, Pairing(s): Mike/Chuck
Wordcount: 3,698
Spoilers: YES - for Fearless.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It didn’t take a genius to figure out that everything about this was wrong.
Disclaimer: For rectal use only. Also, this series and its characters aren’t mine.

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Stress Reliever


Oh God…

I did it…

Okay, I wrote it, I’m posting it, it’s horrible, don’t read it.


Anyway…baby steps right…?

It’s not even the whole…you know…*waves hands vaguely*


Mike is stressed and Chuck knows how to help him relax.

R, Motorcity, Exile!Mike AU, Muck

Just…don’t laugh at me okay? I’m super not-confident about this…

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fandom: motorcity

pairing: muckles

prompt: language kink sort of kind of maybe.

warnings/notes: oops got inspired to write up something super quick after mentioning mike speaking spanish to @icicleman earlier. 

now i can’t sleep and i’m being enabled by my friend sam soooo-

here’s some badly written and unedited muckles with mike kind of, sort of speaking spanish written in the wee hours of the morning because i don’t believe in sleep or coherency (check here for better reading format).

word count: 883

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Motorcity quickfic: Programmed for Love


Cheesiest title ever or?

Because Manny and I were talking about Android!Chuck and Terra!Mike being cute together and I can’t get the idea out of my head.

Note: In my head, all the Burners except Chuck (obviously) are terras.

Written at work as usual and I’m really tired and really sick, so I’m not sure this all makes sense? Feel free to tell me if it doesn’t.

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for Jayy


It wasn’t often that Mike sought Chuck out while he was working.

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Metal man


Mike totals Mutt escaping some Kanebots with Chuck in the car, Chuck is thrown from the car on impact and Mike finds him inside a building nearby. But that is not all he finds…

An android/cyborg!Chuck fic with a tiny bit of Muck in it? (Not a lot-it’s more like intimate bromance/the same amount that’s in the show) Just a little drabble, I might continue it one day. I’d word count it but I don’t have a program that has word count soo…

Anyway, enjoy! Let me know what you think! I live off of feed back (and I stalk all your reblogs to check your tags just fyi hehe <3)

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[Fanfic - Motorcity] Quit or Retry


So, the Android!Chuck AU came back up in the tags, and it reminded me that I had this saved in my drafts from months ago. I fixed a thing or two, whipped up an ending, and here it is.

I love the Android!Chuck AU a lot. A LOT a lot. If I could I would take it on picnics in the park and slow walks along the beach and get married to it and open a joint bank account with it and take out a mortgage with it. So of course I had to do with it what I do best.

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"Get It Right" - Mike/Chuck, powerbottom!Mike, dirty talk


Author: chiltonkisses

Rating: nc-17

Chuck tightens his grip on the underside of the passenger seat when it hits him: Mike has some sort of oral fixation, keeping himself occupied by doing wickedly filthy things with tongue and words. “Get your hands in my hair, yeah, just like that,” Mike’s saying, “shit, I fucking love your hands, keep doing that.”

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Motorcity Fic: Family


Gen, 1,592 words
Mike discovers Chuck has family in Motorcity. 

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